Why Become an Electrician

Why Become an Electrician

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Becoming an electrician is a rewarding career but you will have a lot of responsibility as it can be dangerous and you will be working in people’s homes and business premises. People will be present and it will be your job to keep things safe and you will have to stick to strict laws and rules set in the UK.

There are many tasks that you will be involved in during your working life as an 24 hour qualified electrician. You could be maintaining a business premises or rewiring a house or even working on a building site where new homes are being constructed.

Day to day, you will be using many tools for the job which will be a mix of hand tools and electrical tools like drills. You will need certain training for certain tools and also have some kind of health and safety training so you can go on-site.

One of the main benefits of being an electrician is the variety of jobs that you will go on during your career. No two days will be the same and if you are a person that does not like sitting behind a desk, it could be ideal for you as with time your income will increase as awards for long service.

You must be a able to read plans with accuracy and understand the layout plans.

You will need to connect wires to sockets, be able to install lights and powers supplies. These are set into two categories which are called first fix and second fix. Also you will need to fit circuit breakers and know ho to install sockets.

To become fully qualified you will need to complete and NVQ. This is not so much in a classroom but more on the job training and qualification. You will need a level 2 and Level 3 Electrotechnical NVQ to be able to operate.

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For more on the NVQ qualification there is a video from YouTube below.

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