Recycling for the Planets Future

If you reuse or recycle unwanted items, it will save you building up more waste in your bin to be taken away by your local rubbish collection service and help the environment a little.

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You maybe are used to just throwing stuff straight in the bin, but with now with the local councils in the UK providing separate containers for food waste, plastic and glass, it makes it easy for you to separate the recyclables from the things that cannot be re-used. so you can play your part and do your bit to reduce the damage done. Being a little careful can really make a difference and if every family in the UK done there bit, the country and planet as a whole will have a brighter future.

By recycling these items, it will save on resources and energy. You do not have to wait for your weekly / fortnightly collection date either. There are plenty of local centers and large containers around locally that you can take you plastic, glass and card to.

The government is promoting heavily the positive effects that this has and encouraging people to do as much as they can.

Some of the benefits are not using landfills, the increase in more jobs and reduction of pollution.

Landfills are basically big dumping sites that can produce toxins and gases that pollute the air and they also create a mess. These harmful substances also penetrate the ground and will take many years to disperse.

As more recycling is produced, the emergence of more companies to help with recycling will create employment for many people.

Away from the home, big companies are sharpening their environmental habits. Supermarkets are now charging for plastic bags to reduce the amount that go out of the store. Also paperless communication helps by using email and text rather that send physical letters that waste paper.

Author Bio: Andrew Charalambous is a spoke person for the environment and housing. He has more views on environmental issues at the following site,

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