Steam Carpet Cleaning for Different Types of Stains

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Steam Carpeting Cleaning Services will make sure that the entire Carpet is Clean and good. After the busy summer season, it is the time for holidays. Guests and Relatives will come home during the holidays but before that, the house must be kept clean and hygienic. Carpet Cleaning is one of the important tasks to be done during the cleaning process. People’s mind is filled with various questions about the carpet cleaning services as will the steam carpet cleaning removes the stains? Will it make the carpet to look clean and good? and the answers to these questions is very simple. The cleaning quality is based on the strain in a carpet and the type of cleaning services that you hire.

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Different Types of Stains

Water Soluble Stains

These stains were water soluble and by adding water to it will make the task easy. Examples of Water-Soluble stains are muds, drinks, fruits and so on. These stains can be removed just by using cleaning solutions and water. It is important to check the detergent or solutions before using it. It is recommended to use the mild detergent like laundry or dish washing soap mixed with warm water. While cleaning, you must add enough detergents to clean the stains and scrub the areas with stain until the stain is removed. If the stain is hard to remove then you can use mild vinegar and water solution after the detergent to clear it.

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Non-water Soluble Stains

These stains were caused by the materials which will not dissolve or mix with water. Example of Non-Water soluble stains are oil, grease, tar and so on. These stains can’t be removed with water-based cleaners. Rubbing Alcohol is the common household chemical which helps in cleaning the Non-water soluble stains. Once the stain starting to dissolve, then we can use the detergents to remove it completely and to make it clean.

Chemical Soluble Stains

Chemical Soluble Stains were not easy to remove and also it needs some attention and more care. These are the stains occurred due to vomiting, urine or other chemicals like bleach, colors and so on. If it is a bleach then you can use the chemicals like sodium triphosphate or hydrogen peroxide which helps to neutralize the bleach and also it stops the stain getting spread over the carpet. It is recommended to use the dry cleaning solvent to remove the stains occurred due to vomit or urine. It is very much important to check whether the cleaning chemical won’t affect the color or quality of the carpet. It will better to check the chemical by applying on a part of the carpet before applying all over the mate.

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Non-soluble Stains

Non-Soluble stains can’t be removed with the help of chemicals or solutions. Examples of non-soluble stains are crayons, wax, gum or dried glue. To clean these stains, you can use a paint scraper to remove it. The stains will look like sticking an object over the carpet and it is very important to give more concentration during the removable process or else it may damage the carpet.

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