Do You Need a Probate Valuation Service

When someone passes away in most cases there is a will present that is a document that the deceased leaves behind  which states who exactly is entitle to an estate no matter what size big or small.

First a will must be found if one was written. Not everyone has one in the UK and it is estimated that only three out of then do. So if one is not available don’t be alarmed. Some wills are registered by it is not the Law in the UK to have this done.

If a will is not found, you can contact the family solicitor, if there is one to see if a document was registered. There are services online also to check if a will has been registered in a particular persons name.

If you do find one the on it there should be a named person who will be the executor and this person will be in charge of making sure that everything goes to plan and the right people get what they are officially entitled to. In some cases there will be more than one executor so it will be a joint operation.

Once the Executor of the will is established, then they must apply for a document for allow the to pass everything on.

If this person is you, you should be careful in your time of grief not to be overcharged for services that you may not need. It can be easy to get sucked in and pay over the odds.

In some cases you may need some help in the form of a london probate valuation service (replace london with your city or town) to help you get things organised.

For further advice on wills and the official procedure, visit the government site here for more.

Moo Dart

Moo Dart