How Long Does It Take To Learn Magic Tricks?

How long does it take to learn magic tricks

Many people ask us questions like- “can anyone learn magic” or how long does it take to learn magic tricks?”.  The short answer will be “Yes.”

Because like any other skill, the ability to learn magic tricks is related to skills you have to begin with. But you can always do so much to understand and improve your tricks to become a good magician. But, if you ask us, “how long does it take to learn magic tricks like a professional magician?”. In this article, we will discuss all your questions and we have to define what it means for a professional and famous magician.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Magic Tricks?

Magic Tricks

The answer to this question is as many as possible!

To learn online magic trends and tricks proficiently, the first thing you need to do is practice a good routine set out. Some magic tricks require individual sleights and moves separately before rolling them away, which can further be drilled. However, some other magic requires lots of practice and a whole routine from start to end because then only it will work in a flowing manner. There is also a book called “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, where the author talks about the ” 10,000-Hour Rule”. According to this rule, the key to success in any work, to a large extent, is the amount of practising for any specific task, that is of a total of 10,000 hours.

This is an excellent guide to learning magic tricks perfectly inside out and upside down. This much amount of practice will shape you as a technical, talented, and skilled magician. But will this make you a fantastic entertainer? Unfortunately, no. If you want to perform professionally, you have to keep in mind that entertainment is essential. Thus, to learn magic tricks professionally, you need far more skills than sleight of hand. Experienced magicians for corporate parties have already developed their performing styles and have colossal knowledge to apply to new tricks anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, the total time to learn magic depends on your previous knowledge and experience, plus how much time you can give to your learning. Usually, it would be best if you started learning magic tricks that are not lengthy in execution and routine as long routines can become boring for your spectators. Also, it will take a lot of your attention and time to remember all the processes in the lengthy routine, and it will eventually show in your performance, which is not at all good.

Experienced Magicians

Therefore, try to learn and practice magic tricks that are in your comfort zone.  We agree it’s good to push yourself in what you constantly do, but in the case of practising magic, it is best not to learn magic tricks that are advanced and complicated if you intend to show people your tricks. This is because performing magic tricks that are above your abilities will show in your performance, and the public can see through your techniques, and thus will eventually end up destroying your magic.

This is why we say, do not try to learn magic fast. You have to slow down and master the basics first. Practice the magic tricks in your comfort zone, as this is the only way to push yourself forward. One more thing, you should not show people these magic tricks until you have perfected your magic and can perform them flawlessly.

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