How to Promote Videos on Facebook for SEO Benefits

Facebook video comes with a unique marketing potential. Many companies are excited about the new SEO opportunities presented by Facebook video, particularly because interaction rates are higher for Facebook video. How then can you promote videos on Facebook for greater impact on your advertising or campaign strategy? Below are tips to promote videos on Facebook for increased SEO benefits

Catch people’s attention within the first 3 seconds

Facebook has an auto play feature for its videos for users that have a stable internet connection. You can make use of this feature and get viewers to watch the whole of your video no matter its duration, all you need to do is captivate them within the first 3 seconds. Keep these first seconds entertaining and informing, motivating and inspiring. Your success with Facebook video marketing rests with the 3 seconds.

Add captions to your videos

Facebook gives you the option to upload an SRT file that includes your captions when you upload a new video Captioned videos are better understood by users. Captioned videos rank higher in video search results. Studies show that most a time users on Facebook disable sound when they watch videos in public. A properly captioned video will therefore deliver the message without any limitations.

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Create a catchy title for your video

To enable your Facebook video to stand out you need to use a catchy description for its tittle. The title should include relevant keywords so that when a user searches for related information the video is included in search results. You can also provide a brief summary of the video and encourage people to watch through a call to action such as “Watch this video to find out why…”

Tag people and pages

Tagging n your video helps to spread its awareness on Facebook. You can tag people who directly contributed to the making of the video, people that are mentioned in the video and people who inspired you to make the video. Once you tag these people, the video will be automatically published on their timelines for them and their friends to see.

Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live enables you to broadcast live video to groups in which you have membership. Every member in these groups will see the video post which can play automatically or by clicking the thumbnail. The official word from Facebook is that Live Video keeps people more engaged. It is also believe that the more you go live with Facebook video, the more you get exposure on the rest of your page or timeline.


Use Facebook ads

Just like you may use Facebook ads to promote posts and images on Facebook, the same applies for videos. Facebook allows you to curate a specific target audience based on demographics such as age, occupation, interests, purchasing habits and so on and so forth. Once you select an audience that is more likely to have interest in your content, you need to select Video Views as your campaign objective, add caption and promote.

Facebook video has risen to be a strong pillar of online marketing. If you go about it the right way, you stand to reap immense SEO benefits that include improved brand awareness and increased sales volume.

By Digital Media Agency In London

Moo Dart

Moo Dart