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The Art Of Angela Tripi

The Art Of Angela Tripi: The Perfect Nativity Scene

 Art is a way of communicating our thoughts. From singing to painting to plays to statues and figurines: they are ways in which man expresses his views about his inner world and how he relates to his external environment. Man communicates using art in a magnificent way that touches the hearts of other men.

  • Many artists have risen to fame because of the originality and uniqueness of their art. Some like Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci are celebrated today yet they lived many centuries before. You can change the world through art.
  • The art of Angela Tripi is a beautiful art. It brings to life the events that occurred during the life of Jesus: from the time he was born, to the time he was growing up under the care of his father and Mother (Mary and Joseph). The Angela Tripi also creates figurines of many other biblical personalities that contributed immensely to the birth of Jesus Christ; from the time of David to the time John the Baptist. It creates a perfect nativity scene.

nativity scene

  • These figurines that demonstrate nativity scenes of the birth and life of Christ (Art of Angela Tripi) are sold exclusively by HOLYART. HOLYART is an ecommerce company that deals in a wide variety of religious products. It also deals in sale of Christmas products such as baby Jesus figurines, Christmas trees, Christmas tree decorations, nativity scenes, nativity scene figurines and nativity scene accessories. For many more Christmas products visit online stores.

Let’s have a look at the Art of Angela Tripi; Figurines that bring nativity scenes to life. They make us imagine the joy that shepherds, the wise men, parents of Jesus and the animals in the manger felt when Jesus was born. These nativity scenes should not miss in your Christmas decorations shopping list this festive season. Here are the nativity scenes;

  • The first nativity scene that you should consider buying is the Wiseman getting off a camel. Wow! I remember being told this scene in the bible during the festive season in Sunday school? The Wise men had seen a shining star in the east and decided to go and welcome this great leader that had been born in Bethlehem. This nativity scene brings back all these beautiful memories to life. It is so beautiful.
  • The next nativity scene is that of the Holy Family with Mary kneeling. Baby Jesus is lying in the manger and joseph is standing behind Mary while carrying a walking stick. This picture causes you to imagine the night when the savior of the world was born; the night when Christ came to this world through a human body. He brought peace and Joy to the world.
  • Another Nativity scene that you’ll love is the nativity scene showing an angel announcing the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ to the shepherds. This is usually one my best parts when watching a movie on the birth of Jesus Christ. The shepherds get excited and set off to go and welcome the savior of the world.This is a powerful imagination.
  • There’s also another nativity scene, that of the Roman soldier with a beard. When Herod had realized that the savior of the world had been born, he became insecure because he thought the child would take his throne someday. He therefore ordered for the killing of new born babies. Roman soldiers moved from house to house looking the messiah but God saved Jesus from their trap and they escaped to Egypt.
  • Another nativity scene is that of the donkey lying peacefully next to the manger where baby Jesus has been placed. This nativity scene figurine reminds us of when Mary wanted to give birth to Jesus but all the inns were fully booked. Joseph and Mary walked from inn to inn, getting negative feedback from all the innkeepers. Some abused them; some talked warmly to them and felt their pain. The only room that was available for the savior of the world was an animal shed that sheltered donkeys, oxen and sheep. There is where Mary delivered the Prince of Peace In a humble place.

nativitiy scene christmas

  • A nativity scene figurine that’s available at HOLYART is the black wise king. He is one of the wise men who came to see the savior of the world. The three wise men are said to have seen a bright star in the east and knew that a great person had been in Israel. They travelled with presents that they would present to the king of mankind. They first met King Herod who was astonished by the news of birth of a great king. He was not aware of anything like that. He instead instructed them to inform him of where the baby was born so that he could come and see him. Yet in his mind all he wanted was to destroy this Baby Jesus who was now a threatening his kingship.
  • Another nativity scene figurine by Angela Tripi is that of a shepherd milking a goat. This figurine reminds us of the shepherds who were out in the fields at night taking care of their masters’flock. They were view in the society as the humblest. They would guide sheep to pasture and water during the day and guard them from wild animals such as hyenas and leopards during the night. Yet it is them that first received the great news of the birth of Jesus. The angel of God appeared to them while they were taking care of sheep in the fields, and told them of the good news of Christ’s birth and directed them to the manger where Jesus was lying. They left their sheep in the fields and went to welcome Baby Jesus; the one who was to save the entire world.

These nativity scenes invoke a beautiful feeling that comes when we imagine the birth of Jesus Christ. The art of Angela Tripi are truly perfect native scenes and at HOLYART, we sell them at the fairest prices around. For more details, kindly contact us; our customer care team is always on standby 24/7.

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Burglary Facts

We have written this article to help you understand the current risk of a burglary, the burglars themselves in addition to some helpful tips on how to prevent a break in.


Crime Facts

  1. A burglary happens every 40 seconds in the UK
  2. Around 75% of burglars use a door of which 3% were open
  3. Every year around 1 Million burglaries are reported, meaning there are probably many more which were never reported.
  4. According to a Victim Support survey 1 in 4 victims have been burgled more than once.
  5. 23% of burglaries happen during the night.
  6. The majority of burglaries are not planned and are committed by opportunistic thieves.
  7. Approximately 57% of burglaries occur when the home is occupied.
  8. A Halifax survey found that around 1/3 of people who have an alarm, rarely activate it.
  9. Burglaries have been in decline since the 1990s.
  10. The Police only solve 1 in 10 murders according to The Sun Newspaper. As 17,000 front line police officers have been cut in the last 6 years. And over the same period, of the 493,257 burglaries reported to the Metropolitan police only 8% were solved.

Who is Burgled

  • The biggest victims of burglaries are single parent families living in urban or suburban areas.
  • The second biggest victims of burglaries are the elderly.

Who burglars

  • 88% of burglars are male
  • 6% of burglars are females
  • 6% of burglaries are committed by both a male and female offender
  • Approximately half of burglars are known to the victim, the other half are total strangers.
  • The average age of a burglar is between 16-24 with 16% being of school age.


How much it costs

The average cost of a burglary is estimated to be £2,833, this includes fixing any damage and replacing the stolen items.

The most stolen items are

  1. Cash – Cash is obviously of no surprise, hiding your cash in a heavy duty safe is a sound idea. Not only will they not be able to break into a heavy duty safe but they will not be able to escape with it either.
  2. Jewellery – Jewellery is of high value and can be sold relatively easily.
  3. Electronics such as Tvs, Radios and game consoles, phones and tablets.
  4. Power tools, such as drills, chains saws, hedge trimmers grinders etc as they are relatively expensive items and relatively easy to sell on.
  5. Alcohol and prescription drugs – Many burglars are drug addicts and steal to feed their habit. This includes stealing drugs and alcohol.
  6. YOUR IDENTITY, burglars are increasingly looking to steal your identity, with this they can purchase items online take our loans all in your name.


How to protect your home

  1. Ensure you have high security locks on your front and back doors.
  2. It sounds obvious but lock both of your doors and windows when leaving your home. The majority of break ins occur through an open door or window.
  3. Double lock your doors at night. If you have a UPVC door with a letter box, thieves can easily slip through a metal wire and turn the door handle letting their self in. If you double lock the door with your keys this will prevent such intruders.
  4. Alarms are a very effective way to ensure your home is secure, when you are not occupying the home, as long as you ensure you activate the alarm as almost 1/3 of people fail to.
  5. Ensure that a qualified locksmith attends to your locks so that they are



Moving to a New Home?

It is widely considered that moving home is a very stressful time with many tasks to organise and complete.

moving home

You have two options to tackle this and the first is to do the job yourself and the second is to hire some help.

If you want to do this on your own, you should make a list of tasks that need completing and set about prioritising these.

You will most likely have a lot of things tucked away that you forgot about especially in places like lofts and under the stairs. You will need to separate all of your items in to separate piles of what you wish to take with you, what you can recycle and what is waste that is either broken or no longer useable. For the waste and non-useable items you may need the assistance of a local rubbish collectors to take it away and recycle.

Measure the larger items around the home that you wish to take as this will be important as you will need transport to accommodate these and you don’t want a vehicle too small.

As you will not want to risk injury, having as many hand to help will not only speed things up but will ease the workload.

If you live in the capital, you should search for a London man with van to help you with your house move which will speed things up for you and will allow you to concentrate on other things.

Why Use a Junk Collection Firm

As a UK business it is the responsibility of the owner to store away and manage the business waste in a responsible manner keeping to UK law.

business waste collection

Businesses owners are encouraged to keep the amount of waste that they produce down and re-use and recycle as much as possible. This will help the environment in the future save space in landfills and keep costs down.

You will need to use a business specialist waste disposal firm to effectively remove and recycle everything. You will not be able to use garden waste clearance company that only deals with things that are produced by an average home.

As a company to help reduce the amount that you that you need to dispose of it will save you money. You could try to have a paperless business where electrical communication is used instead of paper and printing. By doing this, you will enhance your companies reputation by being more eco friendly than maybe your competitors.

The professional company will give you a transfer note when work is complete so you will have a record that you passed everything on to a company that will deal with it in a legal and environmentally friendly way.

You will also need to organise the containers so you can store everything safely and out of harms way. You will be able to get this from the waste disposal firm if they provide this service which would be easier just to deal with one company. If the company does not provide this or their containers are not suitable then you will need to use a third party.
You can watch the YouTube video below for more tips on how to reclcle.

Would a Memory Foam Pillow Suit You?

Having a good night of rest is an essential part of staying healthy and fit, so you should invest in quality bedding and pillow if you can so you give yourself the best chance of sleeping as well as possible. By just swapping your pillow for something more comfortable you will instantly improve your sleep.

If you have some trouble breathing when sleeping or finding that your pillow gets too hot so you have to keep spinning round to cool down.


One way that you can combat this is to purchase a bamboo pillow.

Memory Foam

If you think of bamboo you will most likely think of tall long green shoots and not associate it with a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you have an allergy problem, these pillows are great for you as they naturally repel dust mites and other irritations.

Bamboo pillows can also help people with snoring, lung problems and asthma.

They are made by using an outer cover which is made from bamboo based Viscose and filled with shredded memory foam. The outer cover is very strong and is much more durable than a normal pillow and lasts for a long time. This fiber is very light and breathable and ideal for warm climates.

The pillow as a whole will be slightly heavier than a regular one but will settle down in no time. They are also a little more expensive to buy but worth investing in.

Bamboo pillows also stay fresh because they mange to remove any odours naturally.

If you have purchased a bamboo pillow, it is recommended that you air it out before using as their can be a slight odour to it which will eventually disappear.

You can purchase bamboo pillows in the UK either online or in the nearest department store.

Why Choose Tiles

Tiles in the bathroom and toilet in your home are a very popular choice for a number of reasons. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors so you will be able to get the exact look and feel that you want.

They are also easy to clean if used for flooring on a floor, rather than have carpet in a room that gets wet due to bath and shower water. You will be able to simply mop up and spills rather than have difficulty getting a carpet dry which could lead to a damp smell and damage to the carpet itself. If you have them on your walls you can just wipe them over with a clean cloth. You would have to check any cleaning product that you use to see if they are safe to use as you could damage your tiles if you just spray a random cleaning product on them, so double check first.

Tiles are versatile and can be used on wall and floors. The floor tiles are generally stronger due to the amount of people walking on them on a constant basis.

Materials that tiles are made from are generally slate, porcelain, marble and ceramic. These come in all different types of finish from smooth to rugged. Some are also spun so you have a rugged affect afterwards. Although mostly waterproof, you would need to purchase a waterproofing kit for shower areas so that dampness does not get in behind the tiles.

There are a number of quality Tile shops in London to look around and get an idea of what would suit your home best. It would be best to visit one to see face to face what you would be buying rather than just look at a picture on a screen or in a catalogue.